start ups

Several projects and long-term collaborations have commenced:

R3Coms_Logo R3 develops highly reliable real-time enabled radio networks for industrial application. As such, R3 is part of the Berlin Industry 4.0 Network. The team aim at replacing cables in scenarios in which they are commonly rendered indispensable – in industry automation, automotive, commercial vehicles, vessels, planes, and at every place, where cables increase costs and limit functionality or flexibility.

ubirch is currently creating a platform for the internet of things, combining state of the art backend technology, machine learning and hardware. The ubirch system works based on GSM-technology instead of Wifi and therefore can be used everywhere. We apply the highest standards in encryption to make communication safe and data reliable. Gamification and smart communication is at the core of our design, enabling surprising and easy to use IoT experiences.

Established in Berlin 2012, we will kick off the big energy transition with little power packages. Our products can accompany you anywhere, anytime. Soon they will go without saying – just like smartphones. Everyone gets the chance to produce electricity in an environment friendly and autonomous way.

Logo HEADWAVE nur Schwarz ohne Slogan Headwave designs and creates Concert Capsules for helmet-wearers. Concert Capsule brings you the sensation of environmental listening, a new paradigm in acoustic immersion, with TĀG being the world’s first Concert Capsule.  All that is needed is a helmet and a Bluetooth®-compatible phone/music playing device. Schleicher has played a key role in bringing the device to life, from concept to manufacturing.

MOD is the future of real time audio processing. The device can be used with guitars, violins, basses, flutes, trumpets, microphones, keyboards, MP3 players, basically any instrument. It is also mechanicaly built like a traditional pedalboard, with the durability required for a musician’s life on the road, with foot switches, knobs and universal inputs to receive any of the abovementioned instruments. Gianfranco Ceccolini got together with Angoera Sistemas Eletrônicos and they both started working on the first prototype, based on a DSP. MOD is now based in Schleicher Berlin, where we have concluded the prototype phase and currrently assembling larger quantites, following the latest quality assurance standards.

volasystems is a research-led light technology start-up founded in Berlin. They develop modular and sensor-enabled LED luminaires in the smart home ecosystem. Their mission is to fully exploit the new technical boundaries in the field of LED technology, digital light design and smart home applications. We are proud that we have them as the first Berliner start-up that has been leasing office space within Schleicher. We additionally support with the concept, as well as with the hardware development.

PTX is a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University and the Technical University of Munich. They are active in the fields of automation technology and embedded systems. 4D MMS is the main product range for laser scanners and photogrammetry. PTX is also currently based within the Schleicher Berlin facilities.

Hoard allows you to securely exchange keys with others by depositing them at our Hoard spots in your city. It can be used for flat- or car-sharing and to manage access to your property online from wherever you are.