Hello and welcome!

We have prepared a little video for you with all the information you need, compressed into 1 minute and 17 seconds. Check it out and get an idea about sizzl and what it’s all about. Have fun!

English Version coming soon

So why do we show a brain???

Because in the Schleicher Incubator Zoom Zone Labs (sizzl) you can find “brainiacs” in multiple aspects! These are:

  • The creative minds of the startups
  • The experienced and smart brains of our R&D and FAE teams
  • And last but not least: the intelligent controls that lie in the hardware of all the new products.

And all again formulated: We look at sizzl as being :

  • A powerful Brain for Startups
  • A creative community in Berlin (Co-Working Space)
  • A smart “chaperoning” engineer in all walks of work

sizzl provides to electronic hardware start-ups an environment that brings them close to experienced team players in the electronics industry. At the same time you can accumulate knowledge and skills from all departments of an experienced company: R&D, field application, production, logistics, as well as accounting or HR and, not to be forgotten, sales and marketing! With the support of Schleicher Electronic you can benefit from an innovative office concept for an ideal working environment and attain financial benefits due to longstanding business relationships. Are you interested? Then contact us! Let’s see if we might suit each other.